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The Booster Addon

everyone know that stone hoe is enough for a normal farmer, diamond and iron for rich and experienced farmer. and who will care about the gold one? it’s weak, we can break it in few tap… but now, with this addon you will love the golden hoe. if you hold the golden hoe, your movement speed will increase alot! (about 5 times) download: http://adb.tc/TXk94ugIdGwgTaXBaN60fziRsCAHF  

Archelaus’s FishBowl

Archelaus’s FishBowl : Ported! Archelaus is an amazing builder that builds on Minecraft Java Edition! He is also a YouTuber that does time lapses of the building process. TOday i have ported his Fish Bowl PART 9 Map to MCPE, and i hope you enjoy the map as much as i did.   All Credits go to him for building such a master piece! Archelaus : Twitter : YouTube   DOWNLOAD Archelaus’s FishBowl  HERE!!!!!! 

xBlue’s Review World

This map is useful for showcasing texture packs as it includes most of the existing blocks and items for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine). A great part about this map is that the blocks haven’t just be lined up in a row but instead they have been used to create some cool structures. You don’t necessarily need to showcase something for YouTube to use this map. It’s really great for anyone who just want a better overview of a pack they’re using.   Creators: xBlueToxic // https://twitter.com/xBlueTqxicYT?lang=en   Download

SDGPE Shaders

SDGPE Shader is one of the most realistic shaders available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Most aspects related to in-game graphics have been set. It covers everything from far more realistic water to a new skybox with beautiful clouds. This is perfect for high-end Android and iOS devices. Creator: RyBar Picture of the Shader Download SDGPEShaders .McPack (Lite)  Download SDGPEShaders .McPack (Medium)  Download SDGPEShaders .McPack (Ultra) 

Snow Base v1.1.2

Snow Base by JohnTheBuilder   AdventureMap SurvivalMap Custom land   Download Here! SnowBase v1.1.2

Half-A-Heart Run [Minigame]

Half-A-Heart Run is a minigame where players have to run through an obstacle course which includes everything from a cactus maze to parkour jumps which might at first look easy. But since your health is limited to just one half heart you have to be extremely careful. Creator: TNTrocks101 Updated: 6 January, 2018 (read changelog) How to play? It looks easy, doesn’t it? But believe me, it’s not. All participants will have just one half heart. This makes every movement in this game extremely dangerous. A cactus can be your immediate death if you aren’t careful enough! This minigame is best suited for multiplayer, but it can also be played (and enjoyed) in single player. Avoid the obstacles and get to the finish! Changelog Added… Read more »

GTA San Andreas (SG) (Updated)

“Experience your childhood memories in higher detail! The beloved game, transformed into minecraft, brought to you by developer team from hell!” Description: A fast-paced map, made by tributes for tributes – designed for tons of action, ambushes, sudden deaths, sniper duels, crazy chases… Arena is inspired by the legendary San Andreas – but its not just a plain remake of the city in Minecraft – it is modified for the best Survival Games experience. Features: 260 block radius 200+ chests + hidden containers with unusual and custom loot redstone puzzles, traps 4 crafting tables landscape designed for the most exciting and epic chases/fights not built on flatland locations of chests, workbenches, enchanting tables are very well-considered Notes: Map made by Jerryn_CZ,… Read more »

Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon (UPDATED)

Minecraft: Story Mode is basically a point-and-click adventure game which is based on Minecraft but with a more in-depth story. All episodes have been released and by watching them you’re introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. This add-on implements some of those characters in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition). Gauntlets, which are new armor items, were also added in the most recent addon update. Creator: StarkTMA, Twitter Account Updated: 26 December, 2017 (read changelog) Gauntlets A gauntlet is a type of glove which gives the wearer special powers when worn. You wear it simply by equipping it in your main-hand. 9 Gauntlet Types & Information Prismarine Gauntlet Doubles health for player Increase attack damage and player speed Dropped by The Prismarine Colossus Red Gauntlet Sets player health… Read more »

The Turtle Addon (Concept)

his add-on implements turtles in-game. The turtles are based on the screenshots provided in an announcement by Mojang where they stated that turtles will soon be added to Minecraft. If you can’t wait for them and want them in-game already then you can use this add-on in the meanwhile. Creator: Rexiar, Twitter Account How does it work? Every time that a squid spawns there’s a 50% spawn chance that it will spawn a turtle instead. But since they replace pigs they will also be found on land where they will suffocate if they don’t get into the water quick enough. There are both baby and adult turtles. The main differences between the two is their size and also that the… Read more »

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Night 2 [Adventure]

This is the second map in its series which lets you play through the second night of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location in Minecraft. Five Night of Freddy’s is one of the top horror games out there, so it’s really nice to see parts of it transformed into a Minecraft version. The map got some really nice game mechanics such as the narrated voice which will guide you through the adventure. Creator: DarkPower202, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel Updated: 9 December, 2017 (read changelog) How to play? A narrated voice will guide you and give you tasks all through the second night. Now, go put those animatronics back to their stage but be cautious! Minimal Requirements Minecraft:BE v1.2.6.2+ 1GB of RAM Quad-Core Processor Adreno 5xx Series… Read more »

Jet Set Radio Future Resource Pack

Jet Set Radio Future Resource Pack v1.0.1 Six ways to enjoy it! Play as: -Beat -Gum -Corn -Yoyo -Cube -Garam NEW UPDATE – CHANGELOG – Edited new “Minecraft JSRF Resource Pack” main menu and pause menu title – Added funny splashes 🙂 – Fixed double jump sound     ________________ Use the new interface! Watch your stamina, they recovery and the Spray Can stacks! The Autosave icon is the Graffiti Soul now. UI Hidden: Hunger and XP. Change mode in “Resolution” button (renamed as “Select Character”) Use the Spray Can for make beautyful masterpieces… or graffitis around the world, and use the Stamina Recovery for recover hearts All the JSRF game music is here! listen and move it!! The End… Read more »

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Night 3 [Adventure]

This is the third installment of the popular recreation of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location in Minecraft. It’s a full-fledged adventure horror experience with approximately 10-15 minutes worth of gameplay. As usual, it’s very cool game mechanics such as a fully narrated story and custom textures. Creator: DarkPower202, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel Trailer Recommended Requirements Minecraft:BE v1.2+ 1GB of RAM Quad-Core Processor Adreno 5XX Series GPUs Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP NOTE: if you are done with this download: NIGHT 4-5

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Night 1 [Adventure]

This map will let you play through the first night in a Minecraft version of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. It’s considered a survival horror game but this Minecraft version is probably way less scary. However, it does have many cool features such as a fully narrated story, custom sounds and other cool game mechanics. It’s a fairly short adventure but hopefully more nights will be added in the future. Creator: DarkPower202, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel How to play? Remember to turn the volume on as there is a narrated voice which will explain the story and missions. At this point it’s mostly based around just walking and pressing different buttons, so it’s kind of basic in that sense. It will take roughly… Read more »

super flat (infinite void)

this is a helper map was programmed spcifecly for those who need a infinite void to create a sky block. egg war’s. floating city s and more screenshot Download link here do you need a infinite super flat world just contact me here With all the layers details

Overworldend cities (megalopolis adventure)

Over_end cities costume terrain map screen shots and map story: (you can skip to the instructions for no spoilers). 😉 enter a mad maze of the end Cities in the over world find the wings of freedom(elitra) in an amazing adventure on a beautiful city and structures with Mysterious features with overpowered tools in hidden locations and secret rooms and hunted ship’s and house’s but be careful from traps and hostile mobs at the night multi-player is recommended all the rules are inside use the add-on attached with the map before playing, this map was inspired by a PC version then edited and reformed all by me on android so this map is so hard to creat and it have a special… Read more »

CSSPE v1.3.3 (Updated)

CSSPE is a shader pack which is the perfect solution for anyone who have got a low-end device and haven’t been able to use any of the other shader packs. It’s a much more simple pack which still got some of the essential features (such as more realistic skies) to make Minecraft much more beautiful and faithfully realistic. Creator: @CosmicPegasus34, Twitter Account, 2nd Twitter Account, YouTube Changelog Removed The New Sky Textures because of a Bug while under water Installation Download .McPack Download .ZIP  

Elmerlusa Mini [CTM]

This map was created in celebration for Elmertech’s birthday. It’s small CTM (complete the monument) map built in a custom terrain with beautiful landscapes. You’ll be going on a mission to retrieve the items to craft a few different blocks and them place them in the monument. The adventure takes place in a a huge river valley with astronomical wonders in the sky. Creator: jobetyk, Twitter Account How to play? The main objective is to find the items needed to craft an emerald block, a diamond block and a cake and then place them in the monument to complete it. But it’s not going to be easy. The items are protected by traps, powerful mobs and other obstacles. You can choose whether to play… Read more »

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Final Night 4-5 [Adventure] (Horror)

This map includes the two last parts (4 and 5) of the Popular Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location recreation for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The game mechanics great and include features like narrated voices and scary sounds. This combined with the custom textures help create a quite scary experience with the occasional surprises. If you enjoyed the previous maps then make sure to give this a try as well! Creator: DarkPower202, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel How to play? As soon as pressed the button for the game to start you will soon hear a narrator speaking to you. It’s the voices which will help guide you throughout the map. But be careful, the animatronics are very tricky so you have to be cautious! Before this event… Read more »

Quick Settings Addon

This addon lets you access a few really useful settings through a new menu in the in-game user interface. Most of these options are otherwise only limited to the Video Settings screen and normally you would need to scroll a lot to get to them. It’s very useful if you need more quick and easy way to access them. Creator: NetherNinja, Twitter Account, YouTube How does it work? Here is a list of settings you’re able to quickly access from the Quick Access settings screen. If you have suggestions for more features be sure to let NetherNinja know about it on Twitter. Field of View Camera Perspective Hide Hand View Bobbing In-game Player Names Installation Download Resources .McPack Start Minecraft Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack You can… Read more »

10 tips,secrets tricks about mcpe 1.2

in this map you will see totally new tips tricks,hidden features and secret blocks Items in mcpe 1.2 or newer here is some little screenshot s download link Here

No pumpkin blur For mcpe

With this texture pack you can get rid of the annoying blur when wearing pumpkin head which allows you to fight endermans and travel in the end with no problems also it will help you when you’re fighting the ender dragon by stopping any enderman sadden attack Download link From here How to download Here

More Skulls Pack

This pack doesn’t actually add more skulls as it actually some of the existing skulls and heads in-game. The pack include everything from a wolf head to an iron golem head and all of these are wearable headgear. You can also choose to use them as decorations for your worlds by placing them down similarly to a block. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account How does it work? Here’s a list of the heads which replace the skull and head blocks in-game. You can either wear them as a wearable headgear or place them down as decorative blocks. Iron Golem Head (Zombie Skull) Wolf Head (Creeper Skull) Villager Head (Skeleton Skull) Cow Head (Wither Skeleton Skull) Husk Head (Steve Head) Installation Download… Read more »

EVO Shader Mod (Resource Pack)

Evo Shaders is a vibrant shader which greatly impacts the overall realism for the graphics in-game. It doesn’t really matter much which terrain you are in as most areas will look at least twice as beautiful. The lava and night sky is probably the two which stand out the most. Some additional features include moving leaves and more beautiful water. Creator: TRXDev, Twitter Account Updated: 17 December, 2017 (read changelog) Compability & Bug List Adreno 530 device unknown not responding Cloud rollback to old Evo v1.0 to make sure there’s no bugs / compatibility issues World flickers sometimes during sunset / sunrise Changelog Compatible with iOS devices Added better sunlight / nightlight Added realistic cave torch color Added light focus Optimized worldlight Nether light blurring fixed Distance… Read more »

Jump Football

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Super Speed Runer

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