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Pluton Shaders v1.1 (Updated)

Pluton Shaders V1.2 © ——————— Informations ————————  -The Torch Will Light Up At Night -Renounce The Game After Activating The Shaders, To Drive The Movements -The Torch Irar Staying With A Destacable Orange Not The end -Thanks For Downloading This Version Of Pluton Shaders —————————————————————– × Changelog × ——————- Added Functions—————-Torch -Dia Vibrante -Nista Realistic -Realistic Shadows -Movements In Leaves & Plants -Water Blue Clear Of Day -Water Dark, Trasparente Of Night -Clouds Realistic – Sky Coloring Realistic -Vignette Added -Nether Realistic -The End Dark & ​​dark -Fog Realistic -New Clouds —————————————————————— Download Link (.ZIP) ***new update only in minecraft 1.3**** © All Rights to Credits added © Pluton Dev 


Power Light Shaders v1.0 Beta 5

Creator: PowerLight Dev, Twitter Account Power Light Shaders V1.0 Beta 5 ×× Changelog ×× New ToneMap New Water Color New Torch Color New Shadowns New Sky Color New World Color New Fog Color Stars Add New Water Shader Optimized Bugs Fixes Minecraft Pe 1.1+,1.2+ Installation Download Shader (.Zip) Move The File (.zip) To Folder (games / com.mojang / resource_packs) Stretch The FilePress “Settings” on the start screen Go to “Global Resources” and apply the Shader. Download Links For (.McPack & .ZIP) Shader: Download Shader .McPack (Sendspace) Download .ZIP File (Sendspace) “Thank’s For Downloading!” Pluton Dev