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More Skulls Pack

This pack doesn’t actually add more skulls as it actually some of the existing skulls and heads in-game. The pack include everything from a wolf head to an iron golem head and all of these are wearable headgear. You can also choose to use them as decorations for your worlds by placing them down similarly to a block. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account How does it work? Here’s a list of the heads which replace the skull and head blocks in-game. You can either wear them as a wearable headgear or place them down as decorative blocks. Iron Golem Head (Zombie Skull) Wolf Head (Creeper Skull) Villager Head (Skeleton Skull) Cow Head (Wither Skeleton Skull) Husk Head (Steve Head) Installation Download… Read more »


3d Items Pack

By:@HemaPlayz This Addon Is Something Like A Concept For 3d Items Or 3d  items Drops Diamond Pickaxe Replace: Steve Head Bucket Replace:Creeper Head Red Flower Replace:Zombie Skull Book Replace: Skeleton Skull Carrot Replace: Wither Skeleton Skull Download this Pack here! Hema Metwaaly 


Statues Pack (Costum Heads)

This is a resource pack for the latest beta of Minecraft which replaces the heads and skulls in-game with statues. All statues are of iconic Minecraft mobs (or legends) such as Steve and Herobrine. It’s definitely a new way of decorating your builds but it could also be quite useful for adventure and/or horror maps. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There are four different statues in-game and they include the following characters. All except Herobrine are mobs/characters which is proven to exist in Minecraft. Steve – Creeper Head Zombie – Zombie Head Herobrine – Skeleton Skull Zombie Pigman – Wither Skeleton Skull Installation Download Resource .McPack Activate the pack for a world in-game You can get a .ZIP file for this… Read more »


Decoration Addon

This is a resource pack which completely changes the design and model for four of the blocks in-game. It appears to be a new feature (or possibly bug) in the latest beta which allows this modification. The new blocks are furniture and electronics. For example, some of the included things are a TV screen and a fridge. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account How does it work? Four of the skulls and heads in-game have been replaced by modern furniture. It’s really useful if you want a more variety of blocks for decorating your buildings. TV – Creeper Skull Laptop – Zombie Head Chair – Skeleton Skull Fridge – Wither Skeleton Skull Skulls and heads are wearable blocks. This means that you… Read more »


Costum Steve 3d Heads Pack (MCPE 1.2.6+ Only!) (Updated: .McPacK)

Steve 3d Heads Pack Created By: @HemaPlayz (Minecraft PE/Bedrock Engine 1.2.6+Only)! : Steve With Hat:Replace Creeper Skull Steve With Big Eyes:Replace Zombie Skull Steve With Vr Headset:Replace Skeleton Skull Devil Steve:Replace Wither Skeleton Steve With Big Nose:Replace Normal Steve Head Picture of the Costum Heads Download Costum Heads .McPack Download Costum Heads .ZIP File Hema Metwaaly 


Christmas Heads Pack

This is a resource pack which replaces all of the skulls and heads in-game with Santa hats. There are four different colors to choose from and they include everything from the classic red color to green which is useful if you want something more elf-like. Make sure to apply it to a world in case you want all players to see the changes and not just yourself. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There included colors are red, green, yellow and purple. Search for “skull” or “head” in the inventory to find them. To wear one simply add it to your helmet inventory slot. Installation Important: This resource pack requires the 1.2.6 beta. Download Resource .McPack Open Minecraft Settings > Global Resources… Read more »