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Fancy Beds V1

This resource pack introduces decorative textures for all 16 existing type of beds. They have been customized and redesigned according to its colour theme. Different in-game textures are used for each bed. Creator: JY GamingMC (@smartvong) As this is a texture pack it’s just the textures for the existing beds which have been modified and nothing else. Download Link (Bedrock Edition) Drive Download Link (Bedrock Edition) Mediafire JY GamingMC 


Minecraft Capes Pack

This skin pack includes most of the unaccessible capes that are gifted by Mojang. They also last for a limited time only but this pack is able to collect the exclusive capes into one which sounds more convenient. There are two download links below, one of them is Steve (normal) and the other one is Alex (slim). If you are a pro, surely you’ll be able to use this as a template for your custom skins. Creator: JY GamingMC (@smartvong) Credits: DharenL (@DharenPlayz)   Remember to contact the creator if you have any problems. Kindly leave a feedback, we’d be glad to reply. Download as ZIP file: ▪Alex ▪Steve ▪B&W Alex ▪B&W Steve JY GamingMC