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10 tips,secrets tricks about mcpe 1.2

in this map you will see totally new tips tricks,hidden features and secret blocks Items in mcpe 1.2 or newer here is some little screenshot s download link Here N. Ziommcpe maper addon devlopper pro 


No pumpkin blur For mcpe

With this texture pack you can get rid of the annoying blur when wearing pumpkin head which allows you to fight endermans and travel in the end with no problems also it will help you when you’re fighting the ender dragon by stopping any enderman sadden attack Download link From here How to download Here N. Ziommcpe maper addon devlopper pro 


super flat (infinite void)

this is a helper map was programmed spcifecly for those who need a infinite void to create a sky block. egg war’s. floating city s and more screenshot Download link here do you need a infinite super flat world just contact me here With all the layers details N. Ziommcpe maper addon devlopper pro 


Overworldend cities (megalopolis adventure)

Over_end cities costume terrain map screen shots and map story: (you can skip to the instructions for no spoilers). 😉 enter a mad maze of the end Cities in the over world find the wings of freedom(elitra) in an amazing adventure on a beautiful city and structures with Mysterious features with overpowered tools in hidden locations and secret rooms and hunted ship’s and house’s but be careful from traps and hostile mobs at the night multi-player is recommended all the rules are inside use the add-on attached with the map before playing, this map was inspired by a PC version then edited and reformed all by me on android so this map is so hard to creat and it have a special… Read more »


New secret zombie

New secret zombie map is a addon testing map si pls activates the addon befor playing : enter a mini hardcore map were you’ll find your self in apocalypse on a floating island fight for your life and for the glory of winning and beating the Zombie Apocalypse in this custom mini map there will be no sunlight (always night) all the mobs of the map are zombies except two and few animals you can activate the spawn mobs choice to Mike it more challenging (for pro)  كيفية اللعب موجودة في الماب الادون موجود كذالك في الماب have fun Download here N. Ziommcpe maper addon devlopper pro 


Sophisticated mobs add-on

this add-on is only for pro or good prepared mcpe players it includes : more HP for player’s and mobs snowball can now cause damage to mobs (more stronger snow golem)  cursed arrows (don’t never fall may cause lightning)  zombie can ride almost any mob +new secret powerful zombie (can spawn by eggs)  gaint super fast spider gaint horse’s (with the power to jump higher than the clouds  gaint creepers (explode in a slower time but with bigger explosion)  enderman more HP more teleportation power iron golem more hp shalker can summon vex by shooting you vex (bigger,better) bottle’o enchanting (no gravity when through it or when hiting player) Ender dragon the real boss (teleport, more HP) better mobs loot,gear,equipment (specialy:wither,some strays,some… Read more »