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Archelaus’s FishBowl

Archelaus’s FishBowl : Ported! Archelaus is an amazing builder that builds on Minecraft Java Edition! He is also a YouTuber that does time lapses of the building process. TOday i have ported his Fish Bowl PART 9 Map to MCPE, and i hope you enjoy the map as much as i did.   All Credits go to him for building such a master piece! Archelaus : Twitter : YouTube   DOWNLOAD Archelaus’s FishBowl  HERE!!!!!!  xBlueTqxic 


xBlue’s Review World

This map is useful for showcasing texture packs as it includes most of the existing blocks and items for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine). A great part about this map is that the blocks haven’t just be lined up in a row but instead they have been used to create some cool structures. You don’t necessarily need to showcase something for YouTube to use this map. It’s really great for anyone who just want a better overview of a pack they’re using.   Creators: xBlueToxic //   Download xBlueTqxic 


! xBlue’s Lab v2.2.0 !

                                       ! xBlue’s Lab ! Welcome To xBlue’s Lab! Where you can test all your ideas and contraptions! Version 1.1.0 – Released Map! Change Log! Version 2.2.0 – Added Lab Added More Fuctions! Explore It Now this description will be small because you have to find out :3 But! There is a Multiple Parkour sections! Complete Them and Tweet me a screen shot on Twitter and your name will be in the map! If used a in YouTube video please give me credit! Any Questions? Or Suggestions? DM me on Twitter! @xBlueTqxicYT Trailer of this Map DownLoads! Download .McWorld ScreenShots    … Read more »