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GTA San Andreas (SG) (Updated)

“Experience your childhood memories in higher detail! The beloved game, transformed into minecraft, brought to you by developer team from hell!” Description: A fast-paced map, made by tributes for tributes – designed for tons of action, ambushes, sudden deaths, sniper duels, crazy chases… Arena is inspired by the legendary San Andreas – but its not just a plain remake of the city in Minecraft – it is modified for the best Survival Games experience. Features: 260 block radius 200+ chests + hidden containers with unusual and custom loot redstone puzzles, traps 4 crafting tables landscape designed for the most exciting and epic chases/fights not built on flatland locations of chests, workbenches, enchanting tables are very well-considered Notes: Map made by Jerryn_CZ,… Read more »


Overworldend cities (megalopolis adventure)

Over_end cities costume terrain map screen shots and map story: (you can skip to the instructions for no spoilers). 😉 enter a mad maze of the end Cities in the over world find the wings of freedom(elitra) in an amazing adventure on a beautiful city and structures with Mysterious features with overpowered tools in hidden locations and secret rooms and hunted ship’s and house’s but be careful from traps and hostile mobs at the night multi-player is recommended all the rules are inside use the add-on attached with the map before playing, this map was inspired by a PC version then edited and reformed all by me on android so this map is so hard to creat and it have a special… Read more »


WORLD AFTER APOCALYPSE City Downtown 2116 [Creation] (Updated: Support for Java Edition)

Elysium Fire (Builder Team) presents Downtown 2116, Offical Planetminecraft Project of the Map  Map by made: Mezine Crazygammers333 Mrbatou Fallenarchanger Peaz Thytax Fleixe Bestofthelife Render by: MrBatou Cinematic by: ReMasterX Pictures of the Map: Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP File Download Map (Java Edition) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Gate of Loneliness Halloween Project /Parkour)

Creator’s Description & Informations for the Map: This Friday the 13th map is a medium parkour map! Play at nighttime it’s more fun! Play more parkour courses like this one on (Java Edition) Over 400+ Courses! Creator:ItsRina, PMC Account Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Pictures: Downloads: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: is for sale!

Hello, here is the owner of MC Plus. I want let you know that the website is for sale at: if you want to be the new owner, offer me a good price. Good luck to all! @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Welcome to !

Thanks for visiting our Site ( Here at the Site you’ll find the best Content Thats mostly Not available on other MCPE/Bedrock Engine/MC Java Sites, take sure to visit our Site daily for awesome MCPE/MC Java Content. Enjoy! @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Halloween Themed Skywars Map

Creator’s Description & Informations for the Map: A Halloween-themed Skywars map. My first published build on MC Plus.. It says that it is a MCEdit Schematic, but when it downloads as a zip file, you have to unzip it before you use it. I’ll get back to making skins soon, need to finsih off a skin request. I might make more projects too. Creator: Splintercat, PMC Account Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Pictures of the Map: DOWNLOAD MAP .MCWORLD (BEDROCK ENGINE/PE) DOWNLOAD MAP .ZIP FILE (Bedrock ENGINE/PE) DOWNLOAD MAP .ZIP (JAVA EDITION) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Notchland Amusement Park [Roller Coaster] [Minigame]

Notchland is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Minecraft. There are more than 70 different attractions including everything from roller coasters to awesome minigame. If you enjoy amusement parks (which I assume most of you do) then this is really a must-play. And this is actually an official port by the original PC creators themselves. Credits: LEISUREGAMING & Tyrael242 (original PC map), Forelogical (converted the map),  cynodontA (conversion tool) (You can read a note from the creator further down.) Updated: 1 July, 2017 (everything is 100% functional!) Note from the creator: “Hello all I am the creator of Notchland. This Amusement park was built on xbox 360 when creative mode came out by me and Tyrael242. Took 8 months to build,… Read more »


La Momie [Creation]

I’m really happy to show you an old map, old because I made this map more than a year ago with my old team , Webuild4you . This map was done for 4 french youtuber ! This is an egyptian themed adventure map with a big city, a sea, and some temples around the city.  This map was made in 3 month by: Rasta / bidou / wyleas / Hat / Oroshimau / Emma / Aiishya / jujupaonn / videoboy / lightsouls / amigotitia / ardeskoelis / Nause / Desd97 Team language craft / Cedric Team language craft / Defroi / Lucaspal / Skylines / Happycraft / Robin moddeur / kevin68 moddeur / kaillens cheerleader / Wok2B  Ported by: StealthyExpertX,… Read more »


A Giant World (16:1)

Hello everyone dakonblackrose with a new modded map showcase/post for minecraft plus site. this is a MODDED Map how it works is soo cool you will love this mod if you make maps also download the map for xbox, ps3, and pc down below enjoy bros and check out byyyeeee……. Creator: RexRaptor, Planetminecraft project Ported by: Dakonblackrose, YT Channel Map Review Download This Map for Minecraft Bedrock Engine (PE), PS4/PS3/Vita, Xbox One/Xbox360,Wii U Download This Map for MC Java Edition! dakonblackrose 


The dark elven kingdom of Vanhall [by Iskillia]

Hey guy’s!! today, I come with this new project made escpecialy for the Builder Refuge solo build contest. I hope you will enjoy this very inspired map made with the theme fairytale (an underground farytale was my idea) Creator: IsKillia, Twitter Account Ported by: HongyiMC, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel Download Links: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download link of the map! (Java) And I want to thx personally @splekh, @joebricksy and @TheMrPinguin for those amazing renders. 🙂 iskillia iskillia 


Minecraft China is looking for some Content Creators

Hello everyone, This is NetEase Games Minecraft China team and we want to build a connection with you guys. We believe that some of you have been contacted before, but for those didn’t know, here is the old news: Here is MC China website: We are glad to tell you that minecraft-plus has become one of MC China’s partners, we believe we can work well together and make contributions to the community. About the MC China games: Basically, there will be independent MC games for both PC and PE versions in China, the game itself is free. There will be marketplaces for both PC and PE versions, but till the marketplaces come out all contents will be free… Read more »


Halloween Town [Creation]

Halloween Town is a really cool and spooky town which you must explore some time during Halloween. Here you will find many cool structures but also really scary creatures which will most likely make you not want to stay there for too long. A texture pack is included in the map and this will make most textures in the map look entirely different compared to without. Creator: ilikecutepeople (original PC map) Ported by: Spider_Mau744 If it’s not night when you spawn in the town then type the following text command (make sure cheats is turned on for the world by editing it): /time set 14000 Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download Map .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical… Read more »


Halloween Hollow Special

Creator’s Map Description: Hey guys ! There’s a Halloween map you can download ! Helpers : Fafou1 Youtube : Cinematic : Twitter : Server : Thanks to CrankerMan for the render ! Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Progress: 100% Complete Pictures of the Map: Download Links: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download Map .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Mineplex  Halloween Lobby  2017 (Updated)

This is the Mineplex Halloween Lobby of 2017. you can download this map for Bedrock Engine and Java Edition. Creator(s):Mineplex Team, Twitter Account Ported by: HongyiMC, YT Channel Pictures of the Map: Download Links: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download Map .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) (1.12) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Huge Realistic “PATRIOTVILLE” & Freedom County City (Updated V2.0.0)

Introduction Patriotville is a 2 year project (as of 10/06/2016) that is a mish-mash of various American cities and landscapes with generous amounts of satirical humor throughout. The city is referred to as “Patriotville” while the countryside is referred to as “Freedom County”. It used to be hosted on a now-defunct server but we were provided the world save and we trimmed out all the unnecessary land and builds ages ago to focus on this project. A lot of the homes and apartments within the city and countryside were furnished by players who bought and lived in these homes, so their interiors can vary in quality. An overhead view can be seen here: More images: Creators: Poison_Ivy &… Read more »


Ark Survival Island Map [Creation] (Updated)

This is the recreation of the map of Ark Survival – a popular survival game for PC/Xbox/PS4. Dinosaurs are also included. They can’t move, the dinosaurs are made with blocks. But make sure to use the Jurassic Craft Addon for this cool map! (If you want have real Dinosaurs in this world.)  Creator: HorizonCrew™, Twitter Account Progress: 100% Complete Ported by: (@MrMvBPE), Offical MC+ Twitter Account &  StealthyExpertX, Twitter Account Pictures of the Map: Changelog: Added Support for MC Java Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP File Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Minecraft Modded Landscape Map [Console&Java]

This minecraft modded xbox 360/one/ps3/ps4 map is a landscape that was inspired by Nordic or Scandinavian landscapes. It features beautiful mountains, grass plains, barren valleys, forests, cliffs and rivers. It is the perfect template for epic creations in Nordic themes. You can use it for adventure maps, minigames, RPG gamemodes or even survival! (note that the map was not designed for survival in particular and may lack essential resources.) If you want to make your own creations on this map and upload it, you may cut out a fragment of 500×500 blocks max, and upload it, as long as you credit me and link back directly to this project page. If you want to use larger portions of the map,… Read more »


Epic Medieval Town [Creation]

This small town is a medieval town. It has many builds inside the wall. All needed things for a village are included in this map. Example: Bakery, Smith, Farms, Protection (the wooden wall), Church, and much more! Make Sure to use the Conquest TexturePack for this Map  Made by: LemonFox Ported by: SteakthyExpertX Requested by: Outside of the medieval town it has cool costum trees and terrain! Download Links: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java) @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


Los Dangels [Creation]

Los Dangeles is an amazing Minecraft city created by a popular YouTuber by the name of Dan Lags. It’s one of those few cities which would literally take days to fully explore because of the incredible amount of details. Each building is really a masterpiece and that’s why it isn’t that surprising it took him nearly four years to build. This map was originally created on the Xbox (I think) and then ported to the Bedrock Engine.  No ADFLY Links!I do post stuff who shouldn’t be monetized! (As example ported maps.)