Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon (UPDATED)

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

Minecraft: Story Mode is basically a point-and-click adventure game which is based on Minecraft but with a more in-depth story. All episodes have been released and by watching them you’re introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. This add-on implements some of those characters in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition). Gauntlets, which are new armor items, were also added in the most recent addon update.

Creator: StarkTMATwitter Account
Updated: 26 December, 2017 (read changelog)


A gauntlet is a type of glove which gives the wearer special powers when worn. You wear it simply by equipping it in your main-hand.


Gauntlet Types & Information

  • Prismarine Gauntlet
    • Doubles health for player
    • Increase attack damage and player speed
    • Dropped by The Prismarine Colossus
  • Red Gauntlet
    • Sets player health to 50
    • Doubles player speed
    • Increases attack damage from 1 to 5 for melee attacks
    • Dropped by the Romer (The Admin)
  • Golden Gauntlet
    • Adds 15 health to player health
    • Slight increase of the movement speed (increased by 0.01)
    • Attack damage increased to 100 for melee attakcs
    • You can only access this item via the creative inventory or by using commands
  • Crystal Gauntlet (Doesn’t exist in Minecraft Storymode Season 2, but something had to be done with the item as it uses the Wither Skeleton Skull model)
    • OP Gauntlet
    • Health increased to 120
    • Speed increased by 0.35
    • Attack damage: 500
    • You can only access this item via the creative inventory or by using commands

New Mobs

The Addon (replaces Zombie Villagers): A huge mob with animated textures. It’s weaker than the normal Colossus but inflicts the same amount of attack damage. It also has the ability to call for his Prismarine Foes minions.

Click here to view a GIF animation for The Addon.

Creeder (replaces Spiders): Similar to ordinary spiders in that sense that they can climb walls. However, one additional feature is their special attack which allows them to jump on top of your head and explode. They have twice as much health than a normal creeper.

Large Henry and Big Hank (replaces the Wither Skeleton and Stray): These are two different mobs. Their models look about the same but they have slightly different textures. Both of them are naturally hostile and cause a nausea effect on their targets.

Ice Iron Golem (replaces Iron Golems): The Ice Iron Golem throw snowballs at their enemies and they are also immune against snowballs themselves.

Romeo (replaces Skeleton): Romeo will constantly fly around and shoot fireballs at his targets. He also has the ability to summon the Prismarine Colussus, the 3 Headed Ghast or the Snow Admin.

A good challenge is to try to kill him without the use of a fully enchanted diamond armor. It’s definitely going to be hard!

If you do manage to kill him then he will drop the Primarine Gauntlet. This is a wearable item which will give you some extra health and strength when wearing it.

Snow Admin (replaces Snow Golems): This mob is hostile but not very dangerous.

Prismarine Colussus (replaces Zombie): This is the giant version of Romeo. It’s incredibly dangerous and it also has the ability to summon the Prismarine Foes.

(Thanks to Julien who allowed StarkTMA to edit the model and use it for his add-on.)

Prismarine Foes (replaces Vindicator): They are hostile and will chase you down. Run is the best advice, really! If you do kill one then it drops Structure Blocks.

Anthony The Warden (replaces Zombie Pigman): The one (and maybe only) friendly new mob included in this add-on. If he dies then he will drop some cookies.

OxBlood (replaces Creepers): This big and bulky creature is friendly towards everyone. But just remember to not make him angry.. if you do.. then it’s a good chance he’ll smash you!

Lluna (replaces Llamas): Everyone’s favorite character, and especially Gara’s. There are two different variations of Lluna. One normal and one wearing a nice outfit with a hat and scarf.

Nurm (replaces Villagers): This is the cartographer villager from Minecraft Story Mode. There are actually two variants of Nurm. The other one wears a yellow jacket.

3 Headed Ghast (replaces Ghast): This is the most dangerous mob included in the add-on. It is hostile towards players and has the ability to spawn up to 15 minion ghasts as well as shooting fireballs.

Ghast (replaces Vex): Similar behaviors to a normal ghast.

RedSlime (replaces Slime): Both faster and stronger than a normal slime.

Zombie Miner (replaces Husk): Similar to an ordinary zombie. It drops coals, iron and diamonds.

Icy Ender Creeper (replaces Pig): This mob is a combination of a creeper and an enderman. The result is obviously something terrifying. It will teleport around and unexpectedly detonate and blow up. No armor will protect you against this monster!


Magma Golem (replaces Mooshroom): It’s very strong and immune to fire. If it hits you then you’ll get a blindness effect for a certain amount of time. Ability to spawn four Magma Cubes.

Giant Golem (replaces Cow): Shoots fireballs, capable of summoning 2 – 4 Magma Golems. This mob is extremely dangerous.. but it has a weakness! Try to find it!

Xara (replaces Evoker): Since the Evoker is used for spawning Vexes and Vexes are now ghasts something had to be done with it. Xara is a friendly mob which drops Totem of Undying if killed. Except for that she’s kind of useless, and mainly so because we don’t know much about her yet and thus it’s difficult adding features for her (at this point).

Giant Enderman (replaces Enderman): This is basically a much more powerful version of the Enderman. But maybe most noticeable, it’s giant!

Notes from StarkTMA:

  • Do not wear the Gauntlets, Just hold them in your hand
  • Mobs Have different Spawn eggs texture and Names so you can tell
  • Thanks to Julien for his Prismarine colossus Model



  • Added all Gauntlets from MCSM S2
  • Added The Corrupted Prismarine Colossus
  • Removed The Breathing Helmet (temporarily)
  • Gauntlets are wearable on one arm only now
  • Drops for Romero and The Prismarine Colossus have been updated


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for the world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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