Overworldend cities (megalopolis adventure)

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

Over_end cities costume terrain map screen shots and map story: (you can skip to the instructions for no spoilers). 😉

enter a mad maze of the end Cities in the over world find the wings of freedom(elitra)

in an amazing adventure on a beautiful city


and structures with Mysterious features

with overpowered tools in hidden locations

and secret rooms

and hunted ship’s and house’s

but be careful from traps

The sunken ship

and hostile mobs at the night

multi-player is recommended all the rules are inside use the add-on attached with the map before playing, this map was inspired by a PC version then edited and reformed all by me on android so this map is so hard to creat and it have a special _ instractions :

  • to remove any possible lag put your render distance to 10 or 8, 5 chunks if you have a very weak phone 
  • when you enter the map you will see a village one of it house’s contain 4 admire stands equiped specialy for you so choose wisely 
  • (for noob’s) use any ender pearl you find on chests (killing Enderman) to travel from an island  to another search for the freedom elitra 
  • you can mess and travel around the map in creative after finding the freedom elitra and at least one secret location (all of them have there special tools but with not necessarily a sing that is a secret location) 
  • creating and programming and converting this map was so hard so I will add a Terra version of this map if It have more than 500 download s so please share this map with your friends, and have fun :-);-).

Download link for bedrock  Here

For PC (Java edition) Here

and happy holiday

mcpe maper addon devlopper pro


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