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4J Studios Halloween 2015 Map

This is a Halloween Map by 4J Studios. It was originally made for the Console Edition. Now available for MCPE! Creators 4JStudios, Website, Twitter, MC Gamepedia, YouTube Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Trailer of this Map Downloads: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP FILE

Gate of Loneliness Halloween Project /Parkour)

Creator’s Description & Informations for the Map: This Friday the 13th map is a medium parkour map! Play at nighttime it’s more fun! Play more parkour courses like this one on play.Jumpcraft.org (Java Edition) Over 400+ Courses! Creator:ItsRina, PMC Account Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Pictures: Downloads: Download .McWorld (Bedrock) Download .ZIP (Bedrock) Download Map (Java)

Minecraft-Plus.com is for sale!

Hello, here is the owner of MC Plus. I want let you know that the website is for sale at: https://flippa.com/9343213-minecraft-plus-com if you want to be the new owner, offer me a good price. Good luck to all!

GunCraftZE Vanilla Edition [Survival]

GunCraftZE is a zombie survival minigame map which includes custom textures and behaviors  Choose the map which you want to fight (currently just one) and then fight the zombies to gain different perks. In that sense, it works similar to the original Call of Duty Zombie game. It should be noted that this is an early release and more features will be added each week. Creator: HipmanDesignz, Twitter Account Updated: 24 October, 2017 (read changelog) Changelog v3: 2 new zombie bosses (replaces stray and wither skeleton) New gun (replaces the bow) Two new maps New armor when visiting the mmoon Players must buy barriers to get new parts of the map using XP from killing zombies Players now required to have XP when buying… Read more »

FireEngine Addon

A fire engine (or a fire truck) is a vehicle which is used primarily for firefighting operations. This particular vehicle has the possibility to transport up to three firefighters at the same time. One will have to act as a the driver and the other two are either on top or in the back of the truck and ready to act in any dangerous situation. Creator: MyoHtet, Twitter Account How does it work? Before going out on a mission make sure that you’ve got the necessary items for firefighting. You can obtain the items from the truck by using the Inventory Key on the truck to retrieve them. You won’t be able to drive the vehicle unless it’s unlocked. To do that you will need a Key. Once that’s… Read more »

35 Insane Redstone Creations

This map has 35 Insane Redstone Creations. This includes piston Doors, Traps, Combination locks, Minigame Machine, And more Insane Redstone Creations. These are all the 35 Redstone Creations in this map: 1. 4 item frame Combination  Lock 2. Combination lock chest 3. Hidden Pop-up Crafting Table 4. 3×3 Vault Door 5. Armor Stand Swapper 6. Hidden Fireplace 7. Small Realistic Elevator 8. 4×4 Vault Door 9. Hidden pop-up Light 10. 1×2 Hidden Staircase Entrance 11. 3×2 Hidden Staircase Entrance 12. Beacon Color Combination Lock 13. Rainbow Wardrobe Machine 14. 1×3 Hidden Entrance 15. Hidden Lava Pit Trap 16. Shulker Box Swapper 17. Minecart Chest Swapper 18. Hidden TNT Launcher 19. Hidden Minecart with a Chest 20. 1×2 Hipster Door 21…. Read more »

Jet Set Radio Future Skin Pack

Jet set Radio Future Skin Pack v1.0 Play with your favorite rudies and be the best over wheels! Available Characters: -Beat -Gum -Corn -Yoyo -Gum -Garam DOWNLOAD LINK: Mediafire (.mcpack file)

Naruto Shippuden 1.2.6 (beta) by @ElTioOcadiz

Hello i update my texture pack naruto shippuden for minecraft (bedrock) 1.2.6(beta) please share with your friends 😀 Download TP .ZIP File Here! Changelog: Bug fixes in items New loading messages english and spanish Improvement in swords <3 New lava and water UI improvement Pictures HD New armors Bug fixes in flowers New texture block of observer Improvement in the arc more potion bottles New moon and sun And much more 😉 Follow me in twitter for updates in my texture pack @ElTioOcadiz

New secret zombie

New secret zombie map is a addon testing map si pls activates the addon befor playing : enter a mini hardcore map were you’ll find your self in apocalypse on a floating island fight for your life and for the glory of winning and beating the Zombie Apocalypse in this custom mini map there will be no sunlight (always night) all the mobs of the map are zombies except two and few animals you can activate the spawn mobs choice to Mike it more challenging (for pro)  كيفية اللعب موجودة في الماب الادون موجود كذالك في الماب have fun Download here

Wizard of Aaz [Adventure]

This is a neat little Minecraft adventure loosely based on a famous old movie. You will start out as a young farmer, riding out a thunderstorm inside your farmhouse. When the farmhouse is swept away by a tornado, the adventure begins. When the dust settles, you find yourself in a magical new land. Creator: KidSource, Twitter Account The local villagers are friendly, and the village elder is very helpful. But the only thing you want to do is get back home. With advice from the elder, you set out to find the Wizard of Aaz. The Wizard of Aaz, who lives in nearby Diamond City may be able to help you return home…but at what cost? Pictures of the Map:… Read more »

CosmicPegasus34’s Survival Realm

This realm will be up until December 21st or December 22nd because this Realm is the Free Trail. This realm is a normal Survival Realm, where it’s in Easy more. There are a couple Command blocks. Owner: CosmicPegasus34, 1st Twitter, 2nd Twitter, YouTube, Website Rules No Griefing No Stealing No Hacking No Going to the End without Permission Go to the PVP Arena to kill each other No Killing Sprees No Spamming Chat Have Fun Important: Join my Discord if you have iOS because we will be chatting on Discord as well when we are on the Realm. So if you have an iOS Device, Join my Discord Realm Invite Link

Enhanced Minecraft Resource Pack

This is a texture pack which focuses on improving the default textures in Minecraft while keeping the original vanilla look of the game. Some changes include things such as oak doors with windows, buckets with handles and a couple of other changes. Have a look down below and see if this is something you could find useful. Creator: SaddledCreeper All Features Buckets have handles Golden apples have a golden outline Oak doors have windows Iron doors have a small slot, like a prison door Note blocks are black instead of orange-brown Lapis blocks now look like blue emerald blocks World of Color Update wool from PC Moss stone no longer looks like old cobblestone Installation Download Resource .McPack Activate for… Read more »

Advent Calendar 2017

This is an Advent Calendar map for 2017 with 24 different minigames, one each day. It is not ment to be too hard, it’s just for fun!   You can change the time to night or day with one button! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/download/ow50k29sb1kz7a3

Simple Adventure

You are Breck….the bravest warrior in all of Diamond Village. Last night an angry group of mobs kidnapped the village Elder. The entire village is counting on you to save him! To complete your adventure, you will need to obtain the best armor and weapons around. That’s where the villagers can really help you! The Kidsource Simple Adventure is just that… simple! The story is easy to follow, the quests are easy to understand, and of course there is an epic boss fight at the end! The Kidsource Simple Adventure map features: Easy to follow storyline 3 custom gaming areas including Diamond Village, The Mountain Cave, and the Mob Tower A simple series of quests leading up to an epic… Read more »

Aquatic Update (V.2.0.0) Add-on (Updated)

The trident is in Minecraft! This addon to the trident from the updated Aquatic update. The addon is called “Aquatic Update”. With this addon you can become a god and feel like a superhero of the depths of the seas! This item replaces the bow. || Aquatic Update 2.0.0: added a shield, as in Jeb’s photo (for full protection) You can not be afraid of anyone, the shield and trident will help you! The totem of immortality replaces the shield. Creator: ROMANSHUAN Installation Download Addon .McAddon Activate the packs for a world in-game

Welcome to Minecraft-Plus.com !

Thanks for visiting our Site (Minecraft-Plus.com). Here at the Site you’ll find the best Content Thats mostly Not available on other MCPE/Bedrock Engine/MC Java Sites, take sure to visit our Site daily for awesome MCPE/MC Java Content. Enjoy!

Statues Pack (Costum Heads)

This is a resource pack for the latest beta of Minecraft which replaces the heads and skulls in-game with statues. All statues are of iconic Minecraft mobs (or legends) such as Steve and Herobrine. It’s definitely a new way of decorating your builds but it could also be quite useful for adventure and/or horror maps. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There are four different statues in-game and they include the following characters. All except Herobrine are mobs/characters which is proven to exist in Minecraft. Steve – Creeper Head Zombie – Zombie Head Herobrine – Skeleton Skull Zombie Pigman – Wither Skeleton Skull Installation Download Resource .McPack Activate the pack for a world in-game You can get a .ZIP file for this… Read more »

Fancy Beds V1

This resource pack introduces decorative textures for all 16 existing type of beds. They have been customized and redesigned according to its colour theme. Different in-game textures are used for each bed. Creator: JY GamingMC (@smartvong) As this is a texture pack it’s just the textures for the existing beds which have been modified and nothing else. Download Link (Bedrock Edition) Drive Download Link (Bedrock Edition) Mediafire