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2360843: Super Flat Spawn

This seed will spawn you in one of the flattest seeds I have ever come across in Pocket Edition. It’s really useful in case you want to build something but don’t want to spend time terraforming the environment. There are lots of forests in the surrounding areas which should provide enough resources in case you want to build something in survival mode. Found by: NerdyGuy87 This is what the spawn looks like. Sure, there are a few hills further ahead of spawn but there is a lot of flat space too. If you walk straight ahead of spawn for 100-150 blocks then you will come to a village which includes four farms and a couple of houses. Seed: 2360843

-111411759: Dungeon in Stronghold

This is the first seed that I’ve ever come across which includes a dungeon inside a stronghold. It takes quite a bit of travel to get there but it’s totally worth it. The dungeon includes two chests and a skeleton spawner. To get to the end portal room you first need to get past that obstacle. It definitely makes for some fun gameplay. Found by: Damasen The spawn is in a plains biome which is situated in the center between a savannah biome and a desert biome. Turn to your right and walk straight into the desert. Continue on that path for at least 200 blocks. As you continue straight ahead you should soon leave the desert biome and enter… Read more »

-560637684: Savannah Island

This seed spawns you on a small island out in the ocean. But the main thing which I find interesting is the somewhat larger neighbouring island. It’s actually the first survival island (at least which I’ve come across) which consists only of a savannah biome. Found by: Minecraft PE Seed Picker / BossGamerTv5 Turn around as soon as you’ve spawned and fly diagonally to your left for 100-200 blocks and you’ll soon reach the savannah island. It’s really an amazing place which I’ve never seen anything like before in Minecraft. It’s the first savannah island I’ve actually come across. (At least one which has been naturally generated by the Minecraft seed generator.) There are approximately 15 trees on the island… Read more »

2072006993: Far Away Woodland Mansion

The Woodland Mansion is an extremely rare structure which spawns in roofed oak forests. The mansion consists of usually 2-3 floors and there are lots of different rooms (and some of them are even hidden from the naked eye). Keep in mind that the seed is limited to version 1.1.0 (or higher)! Found by: StarkTMA How to get to the mansion? It is going to take a while to get there, but I’ve included a text guide with images to help you out. And there is also a video in the bottom of the post (by StarkTMA) which showcases the seed. As soon as you’ve spawned turn around and walk to your left across the savannah biome as seen in… Read more »

Nightmare Difficulty Mobs [Command Creations]

This is a command block map which gives several of the mobs in-game some new abilities which will greatly increase their difficulty. It’s a really cool and unique map which explores some of the new possibilities with command blocks for mobs specifically. The map provides a great source of inspiration which you can use for building adventure maps and alike. Creator: Rayzuto How does it work? Make sure to turn on the machine by pressing one of the buttons on one of the walls of the machine. If you are experiencing a lot of lag at any point while using the machine then you can press the OFF button to kill all processes. Once you’ve turned on the machine and… Read more »

OpenBlock Elevator [Command Creations]

This elevator is a recreation in Minecraft PE of the Elevator Block which exists in a (PC) mod known as OpenBlock. It’s still an early version which lacks some of the major functionalities but an upcoming update will address that by providing a more complex (but yet easy to use) solution. Either way, it’s the ultimate elevator solution to use for your worlds or Realms. Creator: BlastCoby How does it work? The contraption uses three different commands to allow this elevator to function properly. /testfor – detect players standing on a block /testforblock – detect state of the button (pressed / not pressed), if pressed the the player on the iron block will be teleported down /tp – teleport players… Read more »

Smart House Mega Farm [Redstone]

This creation features a really nice looking house built in a savannah biome which could serve as a great outpost for your next adventure. Inside the house you’ll find some basic furniture and some levers. You can use the levers to access an entrance to the basement. Down there you will find a huge farm which is fully automated by redstone. Creator: ariankhatabi80 As soon as you’ve entered the house you will find some basic blocks like a crafting table, but it’s really the levers which you should check out. One of them will let you access a hidden staircase which leads down to a basement. In the basement you will find a huge farm and it’s entirely automated by… Read more »

HDExplosionEffect Texture Pack

This texture pack improves the overall look for explosions in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The resulting effect are explosion particles which are of much higher resolution. In that sense they are much more alike the explosions in the PC version for Minecraft, but not exactly the same. It’s a quite small detail but it actually greatly improves the game graphics. Creator: URNR You can view an animation for an explosion here with the texture pack enabled. Installation 1. Download Resource .McPack 2. Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

50 Ways to decerate Map

This is a great source of inspiration for anyone but especially beginners who need some help on what they can build in Minecraft PE. Most of the decorations here are just improve the visual look of your build since they don’t add actually any other funcionalities. It’s great mix of decorations which will work great for both modern and medieval creations Download .McWorld

Witherbuster Combat Add-on

The Witherbuster Combat is a mech suit which has been engineered to defeat the Wither Boss. A player can ride the mech suit and use it to take advantage of several different attack abilities which can be used to take down the enemy. You don’t necessarily have to fight bosses to use it since it will attack anything that is hostile. Creator: Gona How to use the Witherbuster Combat? To buld the mech suit you will need four iron blocks and one pumpkin. Place the pumpkin on the center top of the structure (as seen below) to spawn it. You can ride the mech suit and control it with a Rocket Shell (egg). iOS / Android: Long press on the… Read more »

The Prison Break [Adventure]

The Prison Break is a map inspired by the Prison Break TV series. Your brother was sent to prison after trying to rob a bank and your mission is to try to save him. Not only will you help him escape prison but you will also go through with a bank robbery and escape by helicopter. It’s one of the most clever maps I’ve tested MCPE DL and it is definitely worth playing if you enjoy some intense action, clever puzzles and an intriguing story. Creators: Jannik_DE (Twitter), Joel_DE Storyline A few months ago your brother, Ryan Cooper, was incarcerated in Fox River State Prison after being caught trying to rob the Bank of Minecraft. Your name is Mike Cooper… Read more »

Super Mansion [Redstone]

The Super Mansion is a modern home which features lots of redstone creations. For example, the entrance of the house requires a secret passcode to enter. There are several hidden storage rooms all throughout the mansion. Basically everything which can be used for something requires some type of redstone mechanism to be enabled and accessed. Creator: SswizZGaymer Finding the Mansion The spawn on top of a large mountain. Not far from spawn you should be able to see a village. Go to the village and past it to reach the mansion. All signs are in Spanish or Portuguese. But just read down below to learn how to enter the mansion and some other stuff. At the entrance of the mansion… Read more »

Flags Addon

This addon brings a bunch of flags to the game. It is the shulker which is replaced and as a result you might find some random flags spawning in the End. The flags can also be spawned in creative mode in the Overworld and they are great to use as decorations. But since there are just 16 dyes there is also a limited amount of flag types. How does it work? The shulker is replaced by a blank canvas flag. It’s easiest to use a spawn egg to spawn some flags (also known as shulkers). You can use any of the existing dyes to turn it into a normal flags. Most of them are country flags but there are also… Read more »

2D to 3D or 4D (Parkour)

This is a very challenging parkour map. In this map have you to complete 15 2D parkour stages and 5 3D stages. 2D has a checkpoint every 5 levels and 3D has one every level. Rules * Don’t break blocks * Don’t use any mods * Don’t cheat * have fun Download .McWorld

Invisible wings

Do you want be super man? Yes now you can with this invisible Elytra Wings u can trick your friends Super man skin was created by kristianslol Download .McPack

Dank Mobs Pack

This pack takes 20 of your favourite mobs from Minecraft Pocket edition and COMPLETELY DANKIFYS THEM! Installation 1. Download Resource Pack .McPack 2. Activate it in MCPE

Star Warz Addon

This addon takes some of the characters, items and vehicles from the Star Wars universe and brings them to Minecraft. Come face-to-face with Darth Vader in an epic lightsaber duel or fly to through the skies with a TIE Fighter. If you are a fan of Star Wars then you definitely have to check this out. Creator: Spectro Anime How does it work? The TIE Fighter (replaces the blaze) is a flying vehicle used by the Galactic Empire. Players can ride this vehicle and use it to fly long distances. However, to fly it requires “Force” which can be added by throwing snowballs at the vehicle. iOS / Android: Long press on the vehicle and press Ride Windows 10: Right-click… Read more »

Robot Horse Add-on

This add-on implements a four-legged mechanical horse to the game. It’s much more powerful than an ordinary horse since it got the abilities to run faster, withstand more damage and jump higher. The robot revolution is finally here and the first to be replaced is a horse. Who would have known.. Creator: Jujustyle7 How to get a robot horse? It doesn’t spawn naturally in the world so that means you will have to spawn it yourself by using a zombie horse spawn egg. Taming the robot horse works much similar to taming an ordinary horse. It’s weird, but just sit on the horse until it likes you. You’ll see some heart particles when it’s done. To control the horse you… Read more »

C4 Bombs Add-on

This add-on adds a new type of firepower to Minecraft called a C4 explosive. It’s a bomb which can be placed down on the ground and then set off to explode in 10 seconds. It’s very useful for terraforming or any time when you want to more easily demolish something, but it’s also just very fun to use! Creator: Steve_And_Jobs How to plant a C4 explosive? The creeper is replaced by a C4 explosive. This means that you need to get a creeper spawn egg to plant a C4. You can place it down anywhere on the ground and then use a flint & steel to ignite it. It takes around 10 seconds for the C4 to explode. Take this… Read more »

The Darkened Addon

The Darkened Addon turns most of the dimensions in Minecraft into more dangerous and hellish environments. The Overworld looks much darker than ever before and there is a complete set of new mobs roaming the earth. Most of the hostile mobs have had their behaviors, textures, sounds and models changed to simply create a more gloomy and apocalyptic like world. Creator: AlexFirey What have been changed? The main differences you will notice are the textures, sounds and some of the mob models. All of them are simply more dangerous. I’ve included a full list of changes further down on this page. All of the changed mobs go under new names too but one thing that isn’t much different is the… Read more »