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PokemonGo Arena

This Map was a PC Map. Now it’s ported for MCPE. The Map is suitable for PVP. Maximal for 2-6 Players. The Map has the old MCPE Map-Generator. That means it’s not infinity. Ported by: MCPE+ Twitter: MCPEPlus Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

Giraffe Add-On

Giraffe Add-On The Add-On replace The Creeper to a Giraffe. The Creeper is now a friendly Giraffe. You can Ride them, if you use a sapling. Creator: ModLightPE Twitter: LightModPE INSTALLATION: 1. Download Resource .McPack 2. Download Behavior .McPack

Elemental Witches Add-on

The Elemental Witches Add-on adds four new witches to the game and each one has a unique set of powers. All of them should be considered minibosses since they are very powerful if you compare them to any of the current non-boss mobs. One thing that doesn’t make things easier is the fact that all of them got minions who will protect them. Creator: Kiritocris55 Twitter: Kiritocris55 WITCHES There are four new types of witches and each one can be found spawning in a different biome. They are all equally powerful and that’s why it’s recommended to only try to attack one if necessary, or if you’ve got the proper gear to deal with them. Witch of Wind * Replaces… Read more »

Medieval Fantasy Inn [Fantasy]

This is the most perfect inn which I personally would have liked to arrive to after a long day of mining. It really feels like a place which have been taken straight out of The Lord of the Rings. The inn is fairly small but everything is incredibly detailed. The creation includes two main structures (one stable & one inn) and also a mysterious Nether portal. Creator: Lumar Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

Scorpions Add-on

This is an add-on which replaces the spiders with scorpions. Scorpions are vicious creatures which show a special taste for humans and a few other animals. However, they are not all bad. For instant, if you find a young scorpion then you can tame it and keep it as your pet. And when it gets to become an adult you can ride it and also feel more safe since it’ll protect you. Creator: Gona Twitter: all_gonza HOW DOES IT WORK? You can only tame baby scorpions and for that you will need to feed them some raw meat. After a few tries it will be tamed and start following you around. However, it’ll stay passive for as long it is… Read more »

17×17 Piston House [Redstone]

This house features a bunch of different redstone creations (and they are not just piston mechanisms). Also, it is larger than it looks like on the outside since you’ll be able to access hidden basement and so on. As a whole it includes a good variety of redstone creations. Everything from automated food farms to a library which functions as an area for enchanting. There are not that many redstone creations in the house. Try to find the hidden staircase to access the hidden rooms in the basement to find some more advanced creations. n one room you will find multiple farms in one. The farms are automated and will output the items in the chests. One of my favorite… Read more »

Kingdom of Fairheaven [MedievalCity]

Kingdom of Fairheaven is still a development in progress but this is the first release of the map. It looks to become an epic stronghold which will be able to withstand almost any attack. In the center of the stronghold is a large church and scattered around the town are several houses. Surrounding these properties is a large wall. But since it’s still in the development phase there are some areas which are left unprotected. Creator: LaVidaLoca Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

The 30 Trivia Questions [Minigame]

Do you consider yourself a Minecraft expert? I kind of did until I played this map. Here you will be put on the spot and questioned about things only a true Minecraft geek ever would care to remember. If you happen to give the wrong answer there will be an epic surprise waiting for you, and it’s not a good surprise in any way. Creator: RudeGbxYT There are 30 rooms (and questions) in total and in each on you will be presented with one question with three possible answers. Press either of the buttons to select your answer. If you’re wrong you’ll be sent away& die! Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

The 50 Trivia Questions [Minigame]

This map includes 50 different questions and each question has three alternative answers. All of them are in some relation to Minecraft and most of it relates to things which only a geeky Minecraft player would know. It’s highly recommended to read up on the wiki before starting. All in all, it’s a great quiz for Minecrafters. Creator: RudeGbxYT It’s really easy to get started. Just read the question and then pick an answer by pressing a button. If you are correct you will be teleported to the next level, and if you are wrong you will die and have to start over. Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

The Bow Parkour

1. you must Shot with a bow the buttons on the comandblocks, untel the end-Level 2. you take the key at the end and with this key you open The Next Levels 3. Level to Level it will be harder to Shot The buttons. The Colours means the difficulty Green: Easy mode Yellow: normal mode Red: Hardcore Mode Some Pictures of the Parkour: Creator: Dini Twitter: Dini_HDYT Youtube: Dini Download Parkour Map: Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

Jumping Redstone Mansion

Small but detailed Modern House. Jumping REDSTONE Mansion is a Redstone House. it has over 50 Redstone functions and creations in the Map. If you don’t know about Redstone in Minecraft Pocket Edition, is this a good Map to learn and see how Redstone works. If want search outside of the Map other stuff, you will find nothing! Some Pictures of the Map: The front of the Mansion Behind the House inside the House storage room of the Redstone sort machine Creator: JumpSlime Twitter: JumpSlime Youtube: Jump Slime Download the Map: Download .McWorld (4,88 MB) Download .ZIP