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The AA12 Mutant Zombie Add-on

AA12 Mutant Zombie: This is basically a beefed up version of the ordinary zombie with the Skin from the famous MCPE YTer AA12YT. The body of the Mutant Youtubers is much larger and this positively affects its ability to fight and it also runs faster. Health: 75 hearts. Creator: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account Pictures of the Add-On: Installation: Download .McAddon “Open in Minecraft PE” Apply the Addon in a world

Minecraft PE Shaders V.0.3 (Updated)

This shaders is one of the most complicated shaders in MCPE. It uses various technologies, such as tone mapping, bump mapping, fog world loading, water waves, semi- volumetric clouds, and such. Creator: Anthonyagn1, Twitter Account Used the code from: Infinity Shader, Dev’s Twitter account Written by: MC+ & MCPEALL, Twitter Account Changelog Added full credit for the original creator (@argo_menor) Installation Download Shader (.McPack) (don’t close/leave/restart the browser!)  Click “Open in Minecraft PE” Press “Settings” on the start screen Go to “Global Resources” and apply the Shader Download .McPack Download .ZIP

Decoration Addon

This is a resource pack which completely changes the design and model for four of the blocks in-game. It appears to be a new feature (or possibly bug) in the latest beta which allows this modification. The new blocks are furniture and electronics. For example, some of the included things are a TV screen and a fridge. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account How does it work? Four of the skulls and heads in-game have been replaced by modern furniture. It’s really useful if you want a more variety of blocks for decorating your buildings. TV – Creeper Skull Laptop – Zombie Head Chair – Skeleton Skull Fridge – Wither Skeleton Skull Skulls and heads are wearable blocks. This means that you… Read more »

Costum Steve 3d Heads Pack (MCPE 1.2.6+ Only!) (Updated: .McPacK)

Steve 3d Heads Pack Created By: @HemaPlayz (Minecraft PE/Bedrock Engine 1.2.6+Only)! : Steve With Hat:Replace Creeper Skull Steve With Big Eyes:Replace Zombie Skull Steve With Vr Headset:Replace Skeleton Skull Devil Steve:Replace Wither Skeleton Steve With Big Nose:Replace Normal Steve Head Picture of the Costum Heads Download Costum Heads .McPack Download Costum Heads .ZIP File

Christmas Heads Pack

This is a resource pack which replaces all of the skulls and heads in-game with Santa hats. There are four different colors to choose from and they include everything from the classic red color to green which is useful if you want something more elf-like. Make sure to apply it to a world in case you want all players to see the changes and not just yourself. Creator: HemaMetwaaly, Twitter Account There included colors are red, green, yellow and purple. Search for “skull” or “head” in the inventory to find them. To wear one simply add it to your helmet inventory slot. Installation Important: This resource pack requires the 1.2.6 beta. Download Resource .McPack Open Minecraft Settings > Global Resources… Read more »

Vanilla Vehicles Addon

This addon adds five modern vehicles and included are everything from cars to a flyable airplane. All vehicles are designed to stay true to the original Minecraft graphics so this makes them a great compliment for the game experience. Replace your horses with the latest technology today! Creator: Vladu11, Twitter Account How does it work? The horses have been replaced by four new vehicles. Driving works just the same as riding a horse. Equip the vehicle with a key to be able to control it. iOS / Android: Long press on the vehicle and press Drive/Fly. Equip it with a key to control it. Windows 10: Right-click on the vehicle to drive / fly it. Equip it with a key… Read more »

Fantasy Islands (Theme Park) [Creation] [Roller Coaster]

Fantasy Islands is a medium sized theme park with several fun areas worth exploring. Each area is themed around a different topic and they include Roald Dahl, The Lord of the Rings and lastly Pirates and Horror. It’s really a great mix of everything compressed in one theme park. Some other cool things checking out are the daily fireworks shows, a hotel with themed rooms and five restaurants. Creator: End_Boy_ Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

RC Car Addon

Now, you can control RC Cars in MCPE! RC Cars replace the Wither Skeleton and the Stray. The first thing you need to do is to charge them. Get yourself some batteries (Golden Nuggets) and hold onto a car. A button will appear, saying “Charge”. When you press on it, the charging process begins, with some nice custom sounds and particles 😀 Creator: Vladu11, Twitter Account Now you can use the Controllers. Each controller corresponds to a color. The Blue Controller controls the Blue RC Car and the Red Controller controls the Red Car. Simply look into the direction you want the Car to go and hold-tap. This will summon a target that will attract the car. You can spawn… Read more »

Halloween Themed Skywars Map

Creator’s Description & Informations for the Map: A Halloween-themed Skywars map. My first published build on MC Plus.. It says that it is a MCEdit Schematic, but when it downloads as a zip file, you have to unzip it before you use it. I’ll get back to making skins soon, need to finsih off a skin request. I might make more projects too. Creator: Splintercat, PMC Account Ported by: StealthyExpert, Twitter Account Pictures of the Map: DOWNLOAD MAP .MCWORLD (BEDROCK ENGINE/PE) DOWNLOAD MAP .ZIP FILE (Bedrock ENGINE/PE) DOWNLOAD MAP .ZIP (JAVA EDITION)


The PC GUI Pack changes the graphical user interface, block textures and sounds to be more like the PC version of Minecraft. It’s the most comprehensive pack currently available of its kind and it’s also regularly updated with more features. Give it a try and transform (to some extent at least) the way you experience Pocket Edition! Creators: SirZeus (Twitter), Sprintermax (Twitter), Hawt Dawg Man (Twitter), CrizArt EX (Twitter) Updated: 4 May, 2017 (read changelog) What have been changed? The start screen has a new logo and the buttons have been redesigned. The Customize button opens the skin picker page. Here’s how the skin picker looks like in-game. The observer, water and other textures have been replaced by PC textures. An “Autocomplete” button is added to the chat interface…. Read more »

Mob Disguiser Addon

This is an addon which lets you disguise as any of the mobs in Minecraft. Its primary use is for minigames with your friends. It’s not meant to be applied to a regular survival world as it removes some vanilla Minecraft features. You will get the best overview and experience by playing in third-person mode. Creator: solvedDev, Twitter Account How does it work? You disguise as a mob by right-clicking on it (or if you’re on iOS / Android long press on the mob and press the Hide button). As long you’re disguised you will be able to control any direction where to go and you are also immune to damage and can’t be seen by hostile mobs. If you want to disguise as… Read more »

SG TNT Tag [Minigame]

This is a minigame based on the popular game called tag. There’s a slight difference though and that is the fact that it involves TNT. But besides that, it’s pretty much the same. You run around inside an arena. If you’re a tagger then you try to tag other players to become the runner and so on. The SkyGames team loves TNT so you can expect more TNT minigames in the future! Creators: SkyGames Team (Twitter) (Website): MCPEtraswen(Owner), Cheete (Manager), jobetyk (Main Builder), FogzGamez (Builder), McMCPE1234 (Tester), AmazingGamerPH (Renderer) How to play? Players are assigned different roles as soon as you’ve initiated a new game. Tagger: Punch someone with your TNT stick to tag them. This will turn the tagged player into the tagger and now you’ll be the one who have to run! Runner: Run… Read more »

Super Loot Addon

This addon changes most of the aspects related to loot in Minecraft and mostly for the better. However, to make things balanced there have also been changes made to the actual mob behaviors. For the most part this means that the hostile mobs have had the health and/or attack damage increased. But you can find a more detailed list for that further down on this page. Creator: Hatchet_master Updated: 17 November, 2017 (read changelog) New Loots / Behaviors Loot, meaning items dropped by mobs when killed, have been improved for most of the in-game hostile mobs. But this also comes with changes to mob behaviors to make their powers balanced to their new loot. For example, spiders have a chance to drop an enchanted item. The health for… Read more »

Super Mario Mod

The Super Mario Mod adds 15 new blocks to the game which can be used to create Super Mario levels in Minecraft. It appears to be based on the classic-style platform games like Super Mario Land for Game Boy so that’s the type of maps you should focus on creating. But really, the design of the map is completely up to you. Consider this like an addon which can be used along with the default blocks in Minecraft to create Super Mario styled minigames. Creator: Stemo688, Twitter Account Getting Started Nine of the blocks are only used for decorating. The remaining six blocks can be used for adding special features to the map. Emerald block = Level start Redstone block = Level end Gold block = Coin, when player touch his head to the bottom surface… Read more »

Faithful [32×32] [64×64]

Do you like the default textures in Minecraft but wish it existed as the double resolution? If that’s the case then the Faithful PE texture pack is the perfect solution. It keeps the original look of Minecraft but the resolution is two times better (32×32 instead of 16×16 pixels) which makes the graphics look a lot better. This texture pack has long existed for the PC version of Minecraft and today you are able to download it for Minecraft Pocket Edition as well. Creator: Vattic (original PC pack) Ported by: LukasPlaysGames (Twitter), JamsAndJellies (Twitter) Updated: 25 November, 2017 (read changelog) Changelog 32×32 Minor Update (6 September): Updated textures Fixed crashing and other issues Coordinates on maps 64×64 Update (25 November September, 2017) Changed Recipe book toggles Button border outline… Read more »

Korea Anju City 5.6 [Creation]

This map features a small city built in a flat world. There are many different skyscrapers and a multitude of structures such as a police station, McDonalds, a city hall and other things you would expect in a city. Some parts of the city are still a work in progress so don’t travel too far outside the city. Creator: Jenew Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP

Pre-UltraMax Shader (Windows 10 Only)

The game will never be the same again with this shader! Creator: Nick Genghar, Twitter Account UltraMax Shader is a revolutionary shader pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition as it offers a stunning graphics for such a simple mechanics. As you see more of your Minecraft world with the shader, the more you think of the beauty of the game. Supports both the Windows 10 and smartphone devices, this shader is the second shader pack for Bedrock Edition that supports both platforms, making it “Better Together” for all players across multiple platforms. Main features: Stunning lighting, Semi-Realistic high performance Waving Water and Leaves, Cartoon-ish high performance cloud, Concept Depth of Field View, and much more to come. Disclaimer: Not much similarities… Read more »

! xBlue’s Lab v2.2.0 !

                                       ! xBlue’s Lab ! Welcome To xBlue’s Lab! Where you can test all your ideas and contraptions! Version 1.1.0 – Released Map! Change Log! Version 2.2.0 – Added Lab Added More Fuctions! Explore It Now this description will be small because you have to find out :3 But! There is a Multiple Parkour sections! Complete Them and Tweet me a screen shot on Twitter and your name will be in the map! If used a in YouTube video please give me credit! Any Questions? Or Suggestions? DM me on Twitter! @xBlueTqxicYT Trailer of this Map DownLoads! Download .McWorld ScreenShots    

Seasons Add-on

This add-on implements seasons to Minecraft. After a set amount of time there will be a seasonal change and this is most visible by the leaves shifting colors. It’s very realistic in that sense that it is a gradual shift which happens quite slowly over a longer time. All leaves except for jungle leaves change colors, but that is going to be updated in a future release. Creator: _bisher, Twitter Account Updated: 7 November, 2017 (read changelog) How does it work? There are four different packs to choose from and each pack take a different amount of time to change season. It’s a constant shift which is very gradual. No other vegetation except for leaves shift colors. But perhaps that something for a future update. Winter: Spring: Summer:… Read more »