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You want list your Minecraft PE Content/Stuff to the MCPE+ App or Website?

About These Site:

This is a Minecraft Premium Community Website for Every Minecraft Version (Main focused on Minecraft Bedrock) with high quality content. Means we do not accept every type of submissions. Every Submission will be reviewed by us. If you want to be sure, that your content get posted, use the Section or This place is thought for creative builders/builder teams. If you have only a Minecraft Java Creation for submission and we do like your creation, we can convert your map to the other platforms.

Why did you create this website?

We want bring every Minecraft community for any version together! Our mission is simple: bring quality controlled content to the Minecraft community. Other sites out there do not approve all posts, so a lot of the posts that go on the sites may be spam posts, misleading posts, low quality content, or stolen posts. The staff here at MC Plus will be dedicated to checking over every post submitted to the site. We want to keep the site clean and simple, and this is one easy way to do it. Everything you see on this site has been approved by staff of the site, so you can be assured the best quality content from MC Plus. Enjoy!

you are obliged to read the Posting Rules, if you want submit your content to!

Posting Rules:

Main Description of the submission must be written in Englisch. You can add additional a second language if you want.

Do Not Reupload APK’s/IPA’s/EXE’s of Apps without the permission from the Developer. Paid Apps arent allowed to reupload.

Do Not reupload paid Content that you’ve bought.

Do Not Spam; Means Create 3 Posts of the same content. It’s allowed to create 1 Post for every unique Mod/Map/Seed/Addon. Also for Ported Maps it is Not allowed to create 2 Posts of a Map. As Example: You have Built Your Map in MC Java, you submit now the Map to us. 3 Weeks ago you’ve Ported your Map for Minecraft Bedrock and you want submit the Map again. Thats not allowed. Please Follow These Stepps:

It’s really simple Go to Your Dashboard -> Click “Edit” and add the Link of your Bedrock Version. Then Click “Submit” The update will be reviewed by us.

It’s recommended that you use for the submission a PC. and also write your post before on Notepad.

If you have the Frontend Author Role/Moderator, you can use the Premium Dashboard/Editor. moderator has acces to /wp-admin/


for visitors without account:

Submit your content via Twitter:
if you want that your post/content will be posted, contact ComsicPegasus34 on twitter. he will publish/post your minecraft content for you. Personally I don’t recommend to post it by an third person, it’s better when you post the post by yourself that the people can find your content. (They can see the author of the post)

Other Options: Write us an Email, and send us your Content to: Must include in the Mail:

  • Name/Title of the Content
  • A Short Description about the Content
  • Categorie (is it a Map, Addon…?)
  • Download Link (.ZIP) (Required) we also accept .Mc/Addon/World/Pack/Template files!

You can submit your stuff via Twitter MCPEPlusSupport or via FaceBook: MCPE Plus