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Archelaus’s FishBowl

Archelaus’s FishBowl : Ported! Archelaus is an amazing builder that builds on Minecraft Java Edition! He is also a YouTuber that does time lapses of the building process. TOday i have ported his Fish Bowl PART 9 Map to MCPE, and i hope you enjoy the map as much as i did.   All Credits go to him for building such a master piece! Archelaus : Twitter : YouTube   DOWNLOAD Archelaus’s FishBowl  HERE!!!!!!  xBlueTqxic 


super flat (infinite void)

this is a helper map was programmed spcifecly for those who need a infinite void to create a sky block. egg war’s. floating city s and more screenshot Download link here do you need a infinite super flat world just contact me here With all the layers details N. Ziommcpe maper addon devlopper pro 


Moon Super Flat [Custom Terrain] (Updated)

This is a moon related Map. This Map has an Addon called The Space, and it makes the leather armor be a space suit.  The ground is EndStone so a lot of endermen will spawn so be aware. Creator: CosmicPegasus34, Twitter, 2nd Twitter, YouTube Ported: DoodAdventures, Twitter This space armor replaces the leather armor. The helmet is an Oxygen Helmet. The helmet gives you 30 Total Health. And the leggings give you speed. ChangeLog Added an Automatic Chicken Farm Add a Wheat/Potato Farm Added a Tree Farm Installation Download .McWorld CosmicPegasus34 


Overworldend cities (megalopolis adventure)

Over_end cities costume terrain map screen shots and map story: (you can skip to the instructions for no spoilers). 😉 enter a mad maze of the end Cities in the over world find the wings of freedom(elitra) in an amazing adventure on a beautiful city and structures with Mysterious features with overpowered tools in hidden locations and secret rooms and hunted ship’s and house’s but be careful from traps and hostile mobs at the night multi-player is recommended all the rules are inside use the add-on attached with the map before playing, this map was inspired by a PC version then edited and reformed all by me on android so this map is so hard to creat and it have a special… Read more »


The Lands of Notch [Custom Terrain]

The Lands of Notch is one of the greatest custom terrains so far created for the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It features vast lands of forests, epic volcanic mountains and huge deserts. It was built using the WorldPainter tool and then imported to an infinite world. This means that you will never run out of land to explore. Even though most if it is nature there are some structures around the world such as ancient temples and villages. The best Ad Network for your website. Register now and earn over 100$ per day! Creator: ariankhatabi80, Twitter Account. YouTube Channel World Map Trailer Make sure to watch the trailer. It features some areas which I didn’t cover with the images. Installation… Read more »


Tyler’s Custom Terrain [Custom Terrain]

This map features a round island which includes beaches, low mountains, a lake and multiple forests. It has plenty of resources to make it possible to use as a survival world. For example, it does include ores underground and there is a chest full of goodies found at spawn. You can earn achievements in the world as long you keep the cheats off and play in survival. Creator: Tyler707 Proarcher Installation Download the .McWorld File (don’t close/leave/restart the browser!)  Click “Open in Minecraft PE” Download .McWorld Download .ZIP @minecraftpeallFollow me on Twitter!  


The Perfect Cross [Custom Terrain]

Do you feel like exploring a new type of world terrain? Then this map is for you. It features a fully customized world terrain which has been imported to a normal world. The map includes areas such as frozen rivers, pyramid deserts and even a Nether world in the Overworld. Creator: Tyler707 Proarcher Here is a list of the included areas/biomes. The world is imported to a normal world. This means that players aren’t limited to just the new map terrain. Stone spikes Frozen rivers Desert The End (Overworld) Nether (Overworld) with a volcano Important: It may cause lag on low-end devices because of lava and water taking some time to update when flowing. Installation Download the .McWorld File (don’t close/leave/restart… Read more »