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Snow Base v1.1.2

Snow Base by JohnTheBuilder   AdventureMap SurvivalMap Custom land   Download Here! SnowBase v1.1.2 Johnny 


Planetary Survival [Survival]

This is a survival map with similarities to SkyBlock. It features many different planets and some of them, such as Earth, are inspired by ones found in our own solar system. There are also other astronomical bodies like asteroids and moons. Your most foremost objective is to survive but then also find a way to explore other planets to scavenge for food and other items necessary for your survival. Creator: ariankhatabi80, Twitter Account. YouTube Channel The sun and other Nether planets are equal to the Nether so this means you will find zombie pigmen spawning there. There’s also one planet which looks like Saturnus and there you will find an End planet with an End portal. Trailer Installation Download .McWorld Download .ZIP Soheab MalikHey, i am the poster of… Read more »


CosmicPegasus34’s Survival Realm

This realm will be up until December 21st or December 22nd because this Realm is the Free Trail. This realm is a normal Survival Realm, where it’s in Easy more. There are a couple Command blocks. Owner: CosmicPegasus34, 1st Twitter, 2nd Twitter, YouTube, Website Rules No Griefing No Stealing No Hacking No Going to the End without Permission Go to the PVP Arena to kill each other No Killing Sprees No Spamming Chat Have Fun Important: Join my Discord if you have iOS because we will be chatting on Discord as well when we are on the Realm. So if you have an iOS Device, Join my Discord Realm Invite Link CosmicPegasus34 


Epic Survival Map

After one year of building the creator of this map has finally decided to upload it to the web and share it to all MCPE fans out there. It’s quite incredible; a huge building with tons of cool features, a ship, castle and lots more you could wish for. Download Links: Download .McWorld Download .RAR File @MCPlusWEBMINECRAFT-PLUS.COM Owner. Follow the Offical MC-Plus Twitter Account for Updates & Informations: 


SkyBlock Planet

Start out on a small planet (based on the Overworld in Minecraft) and use the resources you find to explore the rest of the galaxy and its planets. There are tens of different planets and each one look very different from the other. For example, one planet is made out of just slime blocks and another is a miniature of The End. Creator: TheBlue How to play? The main objective is to find a way to survive for as long as possible, and if you get the chance then also explore the rest of the planets in the galaxy. The spawn is on a planet most likely based on Earth of the Overworld. There you will find a chest with… Read more »