Terms Of Use

Posting Rules/Terms Of Use:

Main Description of the submission must be written in Englisch. You can add additional a second language if you want.

Do Not Reupload APK’s/IPA’s/EXE’s of Apps without the permission from the Developer. Paid Apps arent allowed to reupload.

Do Not reupload paid Content that you’ve bought.

Do Not Spam; Means Create 3 Posts of the same content. It’s allowed to create 1 Post for every unique Mod/Map/Seed/Addon. Also for Ported Maps it is Not allowed to create 2 Posts of a Map. As Example: You have Built Your Map in MC Java, you submit now the Map to us. 3 Weeks ago you’ve Ported your Map for Minecraft Bedrock and you want submit the Map again. Thats not allowed. Please Follow These Stepps:

It’s really simple Go to Your Dashboard -> Minecraft-Plus.com/Dashboard/ Click “Edit” and add the Link of your Bedrock Version. Then Click “Submit” The update will be reviewed by us.

It’s recommended that you use for the submission a PC. and also write your post before on Notepad.